VertexTV Info Service

VertexTV Info Service is a tool used for intensive multimedia communication, presented as an optimal link for managing the information and content with the multimedia resources You define. Integrate the audio and video clips, animations, clock etc. in a simple and individual way, in powerful and dynamic presentations.




With the VertexTV Info Service you can present the information differently, as well as reach your target group as many places as you wish at the same time. Since the presentations can be introduced individually, the scopes of software application are extremely different.




vertex info systemvertex info systemvertex info system

- Shopping centres, stores
- Financial institutions, banks,
- Airports,
- Turist agencies
- Cinemas, 
- Museums
- Bus stations,
- Train stations,
- Toll centers,
- Restaurants,
- Hotels
- Libraries,
- Universities, schools,
- Hospitals, ambulances,
- Casinos
- Sport objects, betting houses.





vertex info system











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